Fury of Athas

Into the Wastes

The small caravan left Altaruk three days ago, but for the last day and a half, you have been rooted in place. Outside the shelter of the small wagon, the wind and sand scour the thick hides staked down to protect the precious cargo – you. Sequestered inside the wagon and under the tarps, the dozen of you wait for the storm to pass. The caravan master, a human named Althar Wavir, has been frustrated by the persistence of the storm. His guards seem on edge and uneasy.


Into the Wastes – Taken as slaves near the village of Altaruk, the characters are placed on a caravan bound for the city-state of Tyr. Three days outside of the village, the caravan is set upon by ssuran raiders and an unnatural storm of obsidian shards. After an initial skirmish, the characters escape into the desert, while the obsidian storm pursues them.

Saviors – After days of travel through the desert, the characters are confronted by guards for House Tsalaxa. Having stumbled upon an unknown House Tsalaxa operation amidst some ruins in the desert, the characters negotiate with the caravan master, Malik Tsalaxa for supplies and transport to Tyr. Having hired on as mercenaries, the group is sent to investigate the ruins and to remove the squatters who will not yield to the forces of House Tsalaxa. Violence ensues.

Athasian Tunnel Rats – Pursuing one of the squatters, a young elven girl, the characters find themselves in the tunnels beneath the ruins. After evading a sand-filled death trap, the characters discover House Tsalaxa guards tied to the roots of a strange tree. Following the tunnels, the characters confront a group of elves protecting the strange tree and a small crypt. The elves fight off the attack, killing two of the party and driving another off into the desert.

Between a Storm and a Dead Tree
This Way Walks the Wastewalker
The Drawing
The Hunt for Malik
Terrors in the Desert


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